You might have come to Fireside via LinkedIn or other methods looking for Dave Firestone and/or Scott Garside.  Fireside transitioned into suspended animation starting early 2012.

We were having a great time with our little marketing company, when we were both pulled into the vortex of Tectonic Audio Labs.  Tectonic specializes in bending wave physics related to audio, including BMRs (Balanced Mode Radiators) and DMLs (Distributed Mode Loudspeakers).

We now spend our time on Tectonic’s OEM and branded businesses, including commercial, consumer, automotive, IoT, VR, Pro Audio, MI and other markets.  We interact with audio integrators, consultants, product designers, engineers and others to create best-in-class audio solutions.

Thank you for visiting Fireside, and please feel free to visit Tectonic to see where Dave and Scott spend their time nowadays.

Original Fireside Front Page –

Fireside Agency was a scalable marketing resource to help grow businesses.  We blended seasoned marketing knowledge and cutting-edge electronic media skills. (Was that corporate-sounding enough?)

What we really did was approach every opportunity to work together with an open mind and the assumption that the client knew a lot more about their business than we did.  We worked together to reveal, refine and realize the client’s vision.


Every product we produced, be it a print ad, web site, brochure, banner ad or social media campaign was based on the ARC of Experience. Put simply, the arc is a natural viewer progression from interest or concern to education, a wealth of information and a mutually beneficial relationship with the provider.

Our first meeting was a Fireside Chat where we engaged in a conversation about the client and their business.  We asked a lot of questions! Some of them may be pretty odd or even naive. Some of them may stop you in your tracks.  We explored every strategy; from print ads to Social Media to help get there. In the process, we all learned more about the unique needs of the companies that we worked with.

Here’s what we do:

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