Brand Creation

Brace Audio, Inc., an up-and coming manufacturer and seller of digital wireless performance systems for guitar and bass with significant traction in the marketplace, was ready to progress to the next level of distribution and sales. As an engineering-driven company, they had little in the way of branding and marketing.

We provided a turn-key package. The first step was to lock-down the brand elements; logo, color palette, fonts etc. From there we developed new product packaging, re-wrote and illustrated the owner’s manuals and created brochures. We developed print and web ads and designed trade show booths.  A complete set of point-of-purchase materials was created to support dealer sales. A press relations campaign was launched world-wide to support new product and sales initiatives. All work was done in-house, including product photography.

In addition to being new to the market, and even with superior technology and a great price point, Brace had significant competition from established companies. We made the choice to establish the brand by putting a face on it; celebrity endorsers, up-and-comers and just plain folks who aspired to greatness and could afford the product. We went so far as to take a ‘Wheaties’ approach to product packaging – featuring ‘A’-list artists and aspiring ones in a mix of box designs. It made one product look like many on the shelf, and caused a real buzz amongst customers to see if they could be next on the package.

We took the same approach with point-of-purchase posters and counter-cards under the campaign ‘The Face of Brace’.

During the slowest season of a very economically challenging year, Brace Audio doubled their distribution.

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