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Pacific Vascular, Inc. (PVI), recently expanded to a Direct-to-the-Public health screening model, branded Futura Health Screening.  PVI’s core business is providing world-class vascular ultrasound diagnostic services to local Pacific Northwest physicians and hospitals.

The immediate tasks included marketing directly to the public Futura Home Pagewith internet tools, gaining PR and placing advertising.  An additional challenge was launching the screening program directly in the face of a national competitor, already established in the market, albeit with a questionable track record on accurately and cost effectively finding disease.

Fireside was initially brought in on the Futura project to help with PR and internet advertising, which was accomplished.  Subsequently, PVI and Fireside explored the challenges to establish this new screening service, and recognized the need for a highly compelling website with a key requirement to take a potential participant from concern, to understanding, to options and on to scheduling an appointment.

Futura Risk CalculatorFireside designed a ground-up, targeted-solution website which included an automated risk analysis, notification of risk assessment and a scheduling routine.  The design and implementation was accomplished on a WordPress-based architecture which provided a cost effective site with client content management (CMS) for the extensive FAQs and medical content.  Included in the site was search engine optimization (SEO), traffic analytics (Google Analytics) and social media connectivity.

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