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Black Rock Health Partners provides full outpatient healthcare real estate development and business structuring, with either full development or, sometimes, just one single, specialized service to get their “clients across the finish line” (their term).

It quickly became clear that Black Rock wasn’t internally in agreement on who they were and what they wanted to accomplish. We facilitated team discussions to get everyone aligned towards the same goals.

Besides needing to explain services, an Blackrock Web Siteadditional challenge for Black Rock was to compete with much larger national organizations with overlapping capabilities.  These challenges, combined with a need to communicate a unique ownership opportunity for physicians and hospitals, resulted in clients sometimes being overwhelmed or confused; thus freezing them in their tracks.

Fireside worked with Black Rock to define what exactly it was that they did.  In the process, we determined that a key message requirement was credibility to their potential clients.  From this basis we created a website and marketing materials that clearly and convincingly described the Black Rock process and services.  At the same time, the materials were designed to convey differentiation and accomplishment.

The Black Rock management was satisfied with the resulting marketing resources.  Further, since the launch of the website nearly one year ago, they have consistently received client feedback – highly positive comments on the professionalism and helpful descriptions of services. Fireside continues to receive praise from this work, and are now engaged with a related network of contacts provided by Black Rock.

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