Market Research

Behringer GmbH – one of the world’s largest manufacturers and sellers of musical audio products, wanted to refresh their DJ mixer line of products. With a history of product development through copying competitors, we lobbied for and launched a primary research initiative to create a truly new line of products.

An extensive and very detailed customer survey was created and deployed online. Alex, our web-meister, was able to get behind the Survey Monkey™ on-line engine we utilized and properly brand it.

A world-wide press campaign was launched to drive end-users to the survey and an incentive of winning products was offered.

700 responses were gathered in the first week with thousands received by the time the survey was terminated.

Analysis was performed on the data – segmented by market and applications – to create product plans of extreme detail; right down to the paint color. Sixteen products were defined in all.

Unfortunately, the company decided to continue their prior process of copying competitors’ designs, and they are now an insignificant player in the DJ mixer market.


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