Sales Growth

As the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of analog audio mixers, Mackie Designs wished to develop a next generation of products to protect their market-leader position and perhaps increase sales.

We utilized primary market research to look carefully at customer feedback from existing products. The very powerful tool we had at our disposal was an extensive warranty card database with an open-comment field – “would you guys ever…, why don’t you… it would be cool if…” – a compelling offer to register the product with the company and a culture we developed and nurtured to assure that the customer would respond.

By analyzing and segmenting the data – especially the open comments – we were able to provide a single-page histogram of desired features for each of three existing products. Engineering took these three sheets of paper and went to work, while we developed a marketing campaign; “You talked, we listened.”

The resulting next generation of these products doubled sales – even as the market leader.

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