Some very kind words from some very good folks…

“I have worked with Fireside Agency on several projects over the last year. Their support and input on marketing strategy, press releases, web site consultation and social media has been excellent. Dave and Scott are experienced, insightful and easy to work with. They have proven to be a valuable resource that I can depend on for support.”
Rick Long – Director of Business Development and Marketing

Pacific Vascular, Inc.

“Scott Garside joined Brace to write promotional PRs and develop marketing campaigns, material design including packaging, artist promotions, and sales literature.  His enthusiasm, artistic flair and genius for subtle humor adds tremendously to our team, and the input based on years of expertise in the pro audio music industry is invaluable and highly appreciated!
Not to mention… he’s just a really good guy!”
Laura Gray, CFO/GM Brace

“Scott and Dave have strong legacy experience in the industry and are versed
in creating a targeted and compelling brand message, all the way from
designing the elements of the message, both graphically and verbally, to
communicating that message in the right way, with the right media, to the
right targets.

They understand the most effective approaches to creating,
building and delivering a brand¹s unique identity to the market. And they
understand the full spectrum of what it means to market a product or a
Jeanne Stiernberg – Stiernberg Consulting

“I appreciate two things about your (Futura) website.  First, it is not filled with “get this screening or you might die” rhetoric that many screening companies use.  Second, it was not hard to find and evaluate your Quality Control information which is either next to impossible if not nonexistent for your “competition”.
Bill Johnson, RVT – On the Futura Health Screening Website

“I have worked with Scott in various capacities for the last 15 years and have only raves about his skills and performance. Scott did a superb job of handing the myriad details of press and artist relations for $200 million company that previously had little or no staffing in this area.
He has both the broad overview and branding skills AND the ability to keep loose ends tied up. He is an excellent writer, works well with outside press and PR sources and is a bundle of energy. Just keep him away from bicycles. He tends to tip over sometimes.”
Ron Koliha – Pro Audio Marketing Icon

“Scott is pretty good. I mean, I’ve seen worse…”
David Stokes, CEO Brace Audio

“Scott Garside is a top-shelf pro with a great business sense, awesome marketing communication skills and knowledge of everybody in this industry—but most important he’s got a great attitude and is easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott for any job or project.”
George Petersen – Executive Editor, Mix Magazine

“Scott Garside’s knowledge of pro audio is exceeded only by his sense of humor and love of photography. Scott is thorough, experienced, and has solid marketing and product management skills.”
John Stiernberg – President, Stiernberg Consulting

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