Web Sites

Fireside Agency creates web sites for clients from the ground up. We also revitalize and turbo-charge existing sites.

Our core philosophy in designing a web site is to make sure it is a working tool – not just a billboard. We create a customer ‘arc’ that leads from interest/concern through education, resources and on to direct contact with the company and a call to action.

Furthermore, we have developed a proprietary WordPress theme that allows for up to four separate sub-sites with entry portals; each providing a unique and specifically tailored environment and messaging for different visitors. For instance, we can guide patients, physicians or administrators to exactly the environment, messages and information that each specifically needs; avoiding what they don’t need to see, or shouldn’t see.

We specialize in Content Management System designs that allow our partners to manage their own website, after the design is implemented.  We provide a suite of easy to use tools that let you update, customize and add capabilities to your website; on your own, as needs change.  And of course, we’re always here to help.

We employ the latest techniques to optimize web searches (SEO), analyze and optimize traffic (Google Analytics and other tracking methods) and market on the Internet (for example, Google AdWords and affiliate marketing).

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